Mary Meyer Cozy Toe Fox

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Our Cozy Toes are full of personality, playful, and posable‚¬¦or even toes-able. Stuffed just enough to drape on your hand, your shoulder, or anywhere. Incredibly soft ribbed fur make them super squishable for endless snuggles.

‚¬ 17‚¬³
‚¬ Ribbed plush makes them super squishy
‚¬ Beans in body for weight and floppyness
‚¬ Plastic eyes
‚¬ Machine wash, air dry

Why we love Cozy Toes
‚¬ Design is based on our top selling Rio Putty Sloth
‚¬ Floppy and huggable; very kid friendly
‚¬ 3 position body for easy display (sit, lay flat or drape)
‚¬ Textured, luxurious fabric

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