Mary Meyer Ferrara Fox

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Ferrara‚¬„¢s high-pile body, pink tutu, and metallic gold accents, make her the ultimate ballerina of the woods.

‚¬ 13‚¬³ tall
‚¬ Feminine details galore‚¬ bling bow, eyelashes, and tutu
‚¬ Blush tones abound‚¬ soft netting tutu, long pile top
‚¬ Gold metallic bow and neck choker
‚¬ Embroidered sleepy eyes and face details, and fabric nose
‚¬ Coordinates with the rest of the Francesca‚¬„¢s Fashion Friends collection
‚¬ Beans in body for weight and floppiness
‚¬ Machine wash, air dry

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