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At Zutano, babies inspire us every day. As one of the most beloved and influential brands in children's fashion, we incorporate brilliant colors, innovative designs and playful elements into our versatile line of products to bring your child's personality to life. Our goal is to instill a feeling of playfulness, love and creativity into the heart and mind of you and your little one. There is no moment more extraordinary than when a child is brought into one's world, and fostering that bond is at the heart of every decision Zutano makes.

We were founded on the belief that every child's individuality should be celebrated. This has inspired us to continually identify ways to acknowledge the unique character and joy of each little boy and girl. From community outreach, to fostering sustainable business practices, and nurturing the lives of children and parents alike—we strive to make the world a better place.

We are best known for our industry leading baby booties that are designed to stay on your baby’s feet while providing warmth, comfort, and the cutest look imaginable. Available in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns, our customers can be sure to find the perfect style of bootie for their baby’s own unique personality.