5 Things Every Millennial Mom Should Have

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5 Things Every Millennial Mom Should Have

There are some things every Gen Y mom needs. We share a list that will inspire your next shopping trip.

1. Stylish Yet Practical Accessories.

A standout accessory, like a printed 4-1 cover worn as a scarf, instantly adds personality to your outfit. Extra benefit? It masks stains in a pinch! Plus, it offers a bit of coverage from the weather when used as a car seat or stroller cover.


2. Updated Throw Blankets 

Cuddling with family on the couch is quality time, but your furniture can go through some serious wear and tear. For a quick refresh, all you need are a few accent pieces to invigorate your living room. Update your decor with blankets. Our blankets aren't just for baby! Several are over-sized and colors to match today's decor.


3. Lots and Lots of Games

Having a bin full of fun activities is a lifesaver. Begin building your family's collection of cool books and games, even "retro" ones you loved when you were a kid. As well, don't forget about your pet children — they need stimulation, just like kids!


4. Serving plates that stick.

Life is messy, but that doesn't mean food has to get thrown to the floor by your toddler. Use silicone plates and bowls that suction to the table. No more tossing food off the high chair!


5. A new carry-all bag.

Diaper bags don't have to look like diaper bags. Update your look with a fashion-forward backpack style for on the go. Find an elevated tote that has enough space for anything you might need. Double duty has never looked this good.


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